In Stormy Economy Comes Yahoo Deals

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The news of the American (and worldwide) economy continues to get worse and worse. Now that October numbers are in for major retailers, we’re beginning to see the inevitable – consumers are tightening up their spending to the point that it has major companies worried. Best Buy just announced today that they’ve had to realign their 2009 forecast due to horrible numbers in October. Their executives even said it was one of the worst times they’ve ever seen.

With that said, Yahoo has taken a step for the consumer in creating Yahoo Deals. Yahoo Deals is in beta and it’s part of Yahoo’s Shopping site. Yahoo Deals promises to list daily deals in several different categories such as computers, home and garden and clothing. It will also list online deals and coupouns to help entice consumer spending.

According to Techcrunch, “I can see a lot of people hunting for deals here this shopping season. You can browse by category, and rank deals by popularity or expiration. The one thing missing, though, is a search box to search for deals on specific items. I know this came out of Yahoo Shopping, but come on. That’s a bum deal.”

Take a look at Yahoo Deals for your holiday shopping and to get some of the best online deals that companies have to offer.


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