Inauguration Sets Record For Video Streaming

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It may be no surprise, but yesterday’s historical event set all time records in several areas. Most experts believe that this was one of the largest American congregations in history as well as one of the most technologically recorded. Akamai is reporting that the event marked the most simultaneous streaming-video in the Web’s history.

 According to CNET, “about 7.7 million video streams, primarily live, were being viewed at peak time Tuesday, which was at about 12:15 p.m. EST, Akamai said. Part of the reason, the company rationalizes, is that the inauguration ceremony happened when most Americans were at the office, and hence more likely to be watching via a computer screen rather than a television.” Videos of President Obama’s inauguration were streamed to sites such as Hulu and Ustream in record numbers.

Demand was so unprecedented that even CNN had to cut off viewers and create a waiting list for them. If you’re a PC owner, you can livestream with any webcam on sites such as and Stickam.


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