Intel PCs Wake Up With a Phone Call

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Intel Corporation just announced today that they’ve created new technology in which an Intel PC can wake up from it’s sleep derived state with a phone call over the internet. The reason this is new technology is because currently, there are no computers who can be “woken up” from a phone call while already in hibernating/sleep mode. They have to be on in order to receive the call. Not anymore, according to the Associated Press.

According to the AP article, “The new component Intel is announcing Thursday will let computers automatically return to a normal, full-powered state when a call comes in. The computer can activate its microphone and loudspeaker to alert the user, then connect the call.” “This certainly helps the PC become a much better center of communications in the home,” said Trevor Healy, chief executive of Jajah, which will be the first Internet telephone company to utilize the feature.

Because Wi-Fi does not work when a computer is in sleep mode, in order for a consumer to use this technology is to make sure there new computer (with the Intel chip) is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable.

An official from Intel stated that the computers can only be awoken by phone call services that the owner subscribes to which in effect will make “prank calls” impossible.


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