Internet Explorer 8 Launch Comes Closer

January 28, 2009 by
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With the latest pre-release of Internet Explorer 8 (RC1), analysts are reporting that Microsoft’s hyped Internet Explorer 8 is about to be final released soon. reports “Microsoft has announced the release of IE 8 Release Candidate 1, marking the home stretch for the browser’s development.  The browser offered is likely to be virtually feature identical to the final release.” 

If you recall a few months ago, PC Authorities covered the new features of IE8, including two of the most talked about: “porn mode” (InPrivate Browsing privacy mode) and color-coded tags for the same site. Many believe corporate offices will benefit from RC1 as Microsoft obviously benefits from a large market share in the enterprise world. That said, IE8 still has a lot of competition with Firefox 3 and Safari.

DailyTech continues to promote IE8 (RC1) by stating, “one key improvement worth mentioning is a streamlining of the compatibility mode, which switches the browser to an older version of IE for sites that have trouble handling IE 8.  The switch is now done automatically based on a compiled list, though you can still manually switch as well.”


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