Internet Explorer 8 – Not Loved?

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Microsoft has released the full version of IE8 last Friday and according to several reports, it’s not as well received as Microsoft had hoped.

Market share for IE has fallen over 28% while other browsers have kept steady ground or have lost hardly any market share.  Microsoft had a bit of a jump in market share over the weekend, but by Monday morning, things have taken a turn for the worse.

PC World even explained it further. “Compare that with the release of Firefox 3 last summer: Within just three days of its launch, Mozilla’s next-generation browser more than doubled its beta share, jumping up to nearly 19 percent of the market,” stated their article. “When it comes to the big picture, it looks like IE 8 was essentially a wash: Most of the new IE users seemed to come from IE 7, data from StatCounter suggests. The previous browser’s market share has fallen by 1.54 percent since IE 8’s release. Chrome has remained constant, while Safari, Opera, and Firefox have all actually seen slight gains since IE 8’s release.”

News of IE’s underwhelming response isn’t a surprise given that Microsoft has seen declining share since the beginning of 2008.


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  1. Melisa says:

    i downloaded it from the official site, it started installing, then stopped due to an error, restarded my pc and added an icon on my desktop to solve the problem…

    I wanted to try it so I clicked the icon, nothing happened… result: using firefox now…
    Either way, I’d like to try it so if anyone knows where I can download it other than the official site, that info would be much appreciated…



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