Internet Explorer Flaw – Patch Released Today

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Recently, Microsoft has been in the news due to Internet Explorer 7’s supposed major security flaws. Reports swirled the internet yesterday posing the question if Internet Explorer has ever been safe.

According to BBC News and several other internet news sites, “the flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer could allow criminals to take control of people’s computers and steal their passwords.”  Rick Ferguson, Sr. Security Advisor at Trend Micro, reported, “as many as 10,000 websites have been compromised since the vulnerability was discovered.” “What we’ve seen from the exploit so far is it stealing game passwords, but it’s inevitable that it will be adapted by criminals,” he said. “It’s just a question of modifying the payload the trojan installs.”

So as of this morning (Wednesday), Microsoft announced they are sending a patch for all IE users to immediately install to their machines.  BBC News reports that the patch will go out today (December 17) and this patch should close the security hole that is plaguing Internet Explorer 7.


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