iPhone 3.0 Is Here

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Sure, it’s not a PC but several thousand PC users own one. It’s the iPhone 3G and Apple has just released it’s new 3.0 OS via a free update in iTunes. It’s the OS that we’ve been wanting since day one, but I’m still happy it’s finally here.

After an initial 30 minutes to install (network was slow, it wipes your phone, installs 3.0, reinstalls apps, verifies AT&T, etc), I found that my 3.0 iPhone was good to go. You only notice a few changes at first, but as PC World so eloquently demonstrates, there’s a ton of new features “under the hood.”

For one, copy and paste has finally arrived. Second, MMS is available (although AT&T won’t allow us to use it until ‘later this summer’). Third, there’s a ton of new features including one I found to be truly great if you’re a MobileMe user, you can locate your iPhone via the MobileMe.com website and even send a command to wipe its entire contents if it were to be stolen. Now that’s pretty fancy.

If you’d like to know more about the iPhone 3.0 OS update and everything that’s included, click here to read PC World’s excellent review.


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