Lenovo’s All-In-One PC Arrives

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Moments before CES starts, Lenovo has announced their new, beautiful all-in-one PC called Lenovo IdeaCentre A600. This is Lenovo’s attempt to compete with the iMac and the HP Touchsmart PC.

According to PC Magazine, “the IdeaCentre A600 consists of a built-in, 21-inch 16:9 (1,920-by 1,080) display, a dual-core Core 2 Duo processor, Blu-ray player, an ATSC/HDTV tuner, and what Lenovo calls its “slimmest all-in-one PC” chassis—just 27 mm thick. The styling is somewhere between the iMac and the first version of the HP TouchSmart PC with the screen installed over what looks like a tilted version of Jay Leno’s chin.”

The A600 is loaded with features such as touch-sensitive controls, true High-Definition monitor and a Blue-Ray player that’s also accompanied with an HDTV tuner. It comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. “The A600’s controller, however, is where Lenovo has hidden its innovation, tying in four key functions: a standard multimedia remote; an air mouse; a motion-sensitive device for gaming, like Nintendo’s Wiimote; and (in a first) as a VOIP handset. The A600’s webcam can also be used as a biometric login device with the included VeriFace security software,” states PC Magazine’s article.


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