Lenovo’s Dual Screen Laptop

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Lenovo's new dual-screen laptop

The upcoming CES show in two weeks will debut Lenovo’s first ever dual screen laptop called Lenovo’s Mobile Workstation Thinkpad W700ds.

The dual screen laptop will have a huge 17 inch primary screen as well as a sliding 10 inch screen that will allow the user to have two screens to work on. According to TechTree, “it features a choice of Intel’s Core 2 Quad processors and a Nvidia Quadro FX 3700M GPU that gives the power of CUDA parallel processing. The RAM can be maxed to 8GB (DDR3), and it has a couple of HDD/SSD bays for cramming up to 960GB storage space. W700ds also features a built-in WACOM digitizer – an electronic drawing pad.”

The new laptop is a hefty one, weighing in at double the weight of “normal laptops” as well as costing around $3,600.


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