Microsoft 7 Allows Users To Remove IE and More!

PC Authorities has been convering the news on Windows 7 and the testing that’s gone on all across the globe with Windows 7 beta. Earlier last week, testers noticed the ability in Windows 7 to uninstall Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which has never allowed since its inception in 1997.

The ability to remove Microsoft software is a huge step according to many experts of Microsoft. If this does go true in lauch of Windows 7, this will definitely be a first. But is it really removal?

This past weekend, Microsoft actually posted on their blog confirming this rumor to be true and adding that “customers will have the opportunity to disable IE as well as other Microsoft products from Windows 7 as well.” Some of these removable software items are Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Windows Search, XPS Viewer and more.

“Microsoft is indeed allowing its users to disable Internet Explorer 8 along with Windows Media Player, Windows Search, Windows Media Center and more. Microsoft does clarify that ‘disabling’ does not equate with ‘removal’ — the application’s components will remain an integral part of the operating system and can not be removed,” confirms Boy Genius Report.


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