Microsoft Office 2010 Arrives with Free Web Apps

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The Moxie Mo Show (Episode 90) shows you the most beautiful software that Microsoft has come up with in some time, according to the beliefs of several blogging experts. Microsoft announced surprisingly on Monday that they have more videos and information to share on their huge marketing blitz for Microsoft Office 2010.

The first thing you will notice are there are 4 applications within 2010 that are also web apps – you can access them anywhere in the world and save your files “to a cloud” and actually not only read but edit Word, OneNote, Excel and PowerPoint. This obviously tries to rival Google’s Apps which has had huge success. The next best news on Office’s web apps are they’re free: for anyone with a Windows Live account.

The Moxie Mo Show also shows you several new features of the desktop (and more powerful) versions of Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Word. Overall, Microsoft did us right with Office 10 (for 2010) and we should see this beautifully revamped software available sometime next year.

They’re already giving out free beta codes for people to begin trying out the web apps and as always, we will continue to keep coverage on this fantastic event. I truly think between Windows 7, (competes against and now Microsoft Office 2010, we may see Microsoft turn the corner.


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