Microsoft Office Coming to iPhone?

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Any PC user loves Microsoft Office because we all run Windows on our machines. Microsoft Office, for most, is a daily staple of software programs.

But would Microsoft ever make their successful Office available for the iPhone? Sure, experts say. Channel Web reports, “iPhone users have been able to read Word, Excel, and PowerPoint email attachments since Apple released the iPhone 2.0 firmware last July, but they haven’t the ability to edit documents. At the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco earlier this week, Stephen Elop, president of the Microsoft Business Division, hinted that Microsoft could offer this functionality in a version of Office for the iPhone.”

So what do Apple experts think? “It’s really hard to see the iPhone as a primary work device, and I don’t see how people on the go would use it to edit documents, since most people already have laptops,” said Ed Crelin, president and CEO of MacInsight, an Apple partner in Wallingford, Vt. Channel Web’s report goes on to say that most experts believe that productivity suites will be successful on mobile devices and the iPhone is the king of those devices at this time.

What do you think? If you own an iPhone, would you be interested in using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc) on your iPhone or other capable mobile phone? Leave your answer in the comments.


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  1. Lionel says:

    No. If I have to bother with editing I’ll just wait to get on my computer for that. I’m just afraid it’ll take up too much memory, too.

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