Microsoft Patch Arrives: 28 Security Fixes

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Two hours ago, the blogosphere buzzed with reports that Microsoft Windows users were receiving a new patch from Microsoft. According to Microsoft, they have officially released eight security patches in December’s bulletin which in effect fixes 28 security vulnerabilities.

The security vulnerabilities pertain to Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. These bugs allow remote attackers to log in to a victim’s PC via these softwares and therefore seek damage on the victims’ PCs.

According to Channel Web, “Six of the updates, repairing a total of 23 errors, were deemed critical, which means that potential cyber attackers have the ability to execute malicious code remotely that could shut down or completely take control of a user’s PC. Specifically, the critical patches plug holes in different versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, as well as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word and Excel applications.”

Experts are now saying that the biggest fix in this month’s security patch is the vulnerability found in GDI which could be exploited if a user opened a malicious WMF file. Why this is so dangerous is because a user could be innocently browsing the internet and would only have to view a webpage that contains a malicious image which then infects the user’s PC.

For a very detailed list of all the security patch fixes in this month’s release, please click here for more information.


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