Microsoft Says Malware Up 43%

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According to Information Weekly, Microsoft has recently stated that the threat of harmful viruses and malware than can destroy a PC is definitely on the rise, as much as 43%. Some analysts believe this number could be conservative.

According to Microsoft, “the amount of so-called malware and other unwanted software found on computers rose 43% in the first half of the year. More than 90% of the vulnerabilities affected applications, while only about 10% impacted operating systems, according to Microsoft, which released the data in its Security Intelligence Report.”

The Intelligence Report also claimed that Trojan downloaders and other high-severity vulnerabilities are on the rise as well. Information Weekly stressed to PC users to ensure they are using the latest updates in virus and trojan protection software.

According to Information Weekly, “Microsoft said that there are a number of steps that computer users can take to help protect their systems from external threats. They should frequently check for, and apply, security updates—including updates from third-party application providers. They should make sure that their firewall is enabled and install up-to-date antivirus and anti-spyware programs.”


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