Microsoft to Embed Live Search Toolbar in HP PCs Beginning 2009

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microsoft, bill gates, live searchMicrosoft has announced that it has entered an agreement with Hewlett-Packard to embed its Live Search toolbar on all HP personal computers shipped to the U.S. and Canada beginning January 2009. The toolbar will also directly link to HP offerings such as Snapfish, a Web-based photo-sharing and printing service, and HP customer support. The companies did not indicate if the agreement will eventually extended beyond North America.

The move is seen as Microsoft’s way of telling the world that its bid for a big piece of the Search pie did not end when it withdrew its $47.5 billion offer to purchase Yahoo, Inc. In addition to boosting the company’s Search capabilities, the deal will also increase support of Silverlight, Microsoft’s recently released browser plug-in for adding multimedia to Web apps. This is because the Live Search toolbar to be embedded in HP PCs will be made using Silverlight.

Microsoft has hailed the deal as the most significant distribution deal for Live Search that the firm has clinched. HP is the world’s leading PC manufacturer.

The Microsoft-HP Search deal is just the latest in Microsoft’s efforts to expand its Search market share. Recently, it launched Cashback, a service that offers Live Search patrons money back when they purchase something via Live Search from its advertisers.

Via: Yahoo News & PC World

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