Microsoft Unleashes Photosynth

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microsoft photosynthMicrosoft recently released online software that gives 2D images a 3D effect and rendition: the Photosynth. With this tool, users are able to create a 3D environment by simply uploading photos and navigating a few menus in

This software is created by Microsoft’s Live Labs with the help of Graphics and Imaging Lap or GRAIL experts from the University of Washington.

Photosynth is an 8.2MB browser plug-in that is compatible with today’s most popular browsers. It has the capability to analyze hundreds of photos from a single location and automatically render it to make it 3D.

Photosynth creates a “synth”, a 360 degree viewable picture of a given subject. Thru this, users are able to fully navigate the image. They can scroll down, pan from left to right, zoom in or zoom out for an extraordinary experience. The software uses Seadragon and Silverlight technologies as well.

Microsoft Live Labs claim that the project is still at an early stage; therefore users may encounter bugs and glitches. But even now… it sure looks good!

Source: CNET news


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