Microsoft Upgrades Patches and Upgrade Software

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Microsoft announced today that they will be pushing four Windows security patches to their users on Tuesday, July 8th. According to Microsoft’s press release, these four patches are not rated critical but are deemed important.

The patches will be for Windows, Exchange and other SQL projects that deal with “elevation of privilige” bugs (an attacker could get administrative privilige on an unsecure system) reports PC World. One of the fixes will also address a “spoofing bug” which could cause a user to unknowingly visit malicious websites. Finally, the last patch will address a Windows flaw that would allow an attacked to run code on an infected PC.

One point to note, Microsoft will also be updating it’s own Windows Update software which will speed up the time a user downloads patches and fixes. PC World states the time that Windows Update performs its “scanning process” will be reduced up to 20 percent.

For further information on these patches, please visit Microsoft’s security announcement here.


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