Microsoft: Windows 7 – Best Version Ever

The kickoff to CES last night by Microsoft’s chief, Steve Ballmer, was a success for the anticipation for Windows 7.

“I am really excited about the progress we have made with Windows 7,” said Ballmer. “We are on track to deliver the best version of Windows ever. We’re putting in all the right ingredients — simplicity, reliability, and speed — and working hard to get it right, and to get it ready.” He continued to explain that Windows 7 will boot quicker, work much better than Vista and have longer battery life.

Touchscreen, newer multimedia capabilities and networking options are just a part of what’s expected with Microsoft’s new OS. According to Information Week, “Microsoft needs Windows 7 to be a hit. Vista, the current version of Windows, has failed to catch on with mainstream computer users and businesses have shunned it outright. Many users have complained about Vista’s hardware requirements, intrusive security measures, and lack of compatibility with older applications. ”

Windows 7 is expected to be fully released by end of 2009 or beginning of 2010. PC Authorities will continue to update you on everything Windows 7.


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