Intel Launches New Chip: Cheap!

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While the world was buzzing with yesterday’s news that Google has officially entered the internet web browser arena and poises to take Microsoft’s IE 8 away from the spotlight, Intel quietly launched a cheaper Core 2 processor as well as a higher-end dual-core Celeron.

According to PC Magazine as of this morning, “The Q8200 is a 2.33-GHz quad-core chip with just 4 Mbytes of level-2 cache, the smallest L2 cache size Intel offers in its Core 2 Quad family. The chip is listed as $224 in 1,000-unit lots, making it the second cheapest Core 2 Quad processor Intel supplies.”

While the cheaper Intel chip may lack the best performance, Intel also released the Intel Celeron 450. PC Magazine goes on to state that the chip is “a 2.2-GHz dual-core chip listed on Intel’s price list as a ‘Celeron D,’ a name Intel once discarded. The Intel Celeron 450 is priced at $53 in 1,000-unit lots, making it the most expensive dual-core Celeron Intel sells.”


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