New Study: Internet Use Boosts Brain Power

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Researches have come out with a new study that may make you think twice about using the internet. According to research, scientists have discovered that using the internet can increase the power of the brain.

Scientists from the University of California found that internet use among the middle aged can stimulate certain areas of the brain that generally slow down as one ages. According to the article, “research studied 24 volunteers aged between 55 and 76, half of whom were experienced internet users, while the rest were not. Their brains were scanned while online and only the experienced users showed brain activity in areas controlling control decision-making and complex reasoning.”

Researchers concluded that internet use made the user make complex choices.  For years, scientists have been preaching the “use it or lose it” message which implies those who seek daily activity to stimulate the brain generally fare well as they age. Time will tell.


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