New Xbox Experience: New Menus and Movies

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Microsoft released a statement this morning stating the newly revised Xbox firmware will be released in November. The new system will now be known as the New Xbox Experience (NXE). Microsoft will release a free firmware update which will completely overhaul the original Xbox.

Gizmodo and Engadget have raving reviews of their experience with the NXE. According to Gizmodo, “The NXE Dashboard looks entirely different from the old sliding blade system. In fact, it looks a lot more Apple than Microsoft, with sharp image-based navigation and a subtle icon reflection on the Cover Flow-esque surface where 360 content sits.”

Some of the new system’s features will include avatars, multiplayer parties, themes, full game installs and the most popular new feature, Netflix. Gold subscribers of Xbox can purchase a Netflix subscription and stream movies and TV shows directly to their NXE. Users will just need to download the Netflix app to the NXE (free) and add movies to your queue for an instant streaming watch.

The free firmware update for existing Xbox users will happen on November 19th, 2008.


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