November 24th – Black Monday For Computer Viruses

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In an unexpected report from Britain’s Telegraph today, computer viruses are expected to peak on Monday, November 24th on PCs all over the world as well as the threat of hackers seizing PCs. The spread of viruses and trojans will increase significantly and Monday may be the peak of this threat until the Christmas shopping season ends.

PC Tools is the company that did the study says the Telegraph. “The company has analized information on more than 500,000 computers worldwide, and looked at data from the same period last year, which appears to suggest the Monday before Thanksgiving in the US is a prime time for security attacks. PC Tools believes this could be because of the increased online activity at this time of the year, as people starting shopping online for Christmas gifts, and for details of bargains they might be able to pick up on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when many US stores hold huge sales.”

As usual, the study states that PC users should always keep their anti-virus software, anti-phishing software and firewall security software are up to date. The threats are expected to elevate on Monday and last until Christmas.


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