OpenOffice More Popular Than Google Docs

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An independent study that was published on Friday states that is five times more popular than Google Docs

According to the study, “Microsoft Office remains dominant, with 51 percent of American Internet users over age 18 using it, according to a six-month study conducted by market researcher ClickStream Technologies.” The study also shows that Open Office is used more often as well as used longer by 6 minutes (on average) than Google Docs.

Google Docs has been a very successful launch with thousands of users using this online service to access word documents, database spreadsheets and presentations. A couple of months ago, PC Authorities wrote about Microsoft’s bold new initiative to gain market share by launching their Microsoft Office on the web. According to Info World, “the latest version, 3.0, had a strong first week , with more than 3 million downloads in that time. After one month, 3.0 had been downloaded 10 million times, the group said.”


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