Real-time Search Keeps Expanding

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If you have read my previous post on internet search, you will know that there are quite  a few solutions already for real-time search on the internet. With the increasing popularity of social media, where more and more real-time information is brought online, real-time search makes more and more sense.

So it will come as no surprise that there is another online search engine available now, which offers real-time search. Crowdeye is a search engine created by a former Microsoft search engine developer. Ken Moss was a head at Microsoft for 5 years and has now developed Crowdeye into beta. Since it is in beta, functionality and quality of search results will be limited, but both are expected to grow. The historic trend on the search topic is a nice option, but only goes back 3 days at the moment.

Real-time internet search

As with most real-time search engines, Twitter will be the main source for Crowdeye, although links from other social media and news sites are also included.


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