Russia Accused in Cyber-Attacking Georgia

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When the world is glued to their television to celebrate the Olympic Games in Beijing, Russia is being accused by the Georgia government of cyber attacking to coincide with military attacks over the weekend.

According to CNET, “a Georgian embassy spokesperson said that Web sites had been unavailable over the weekend, claiming this was due to Russian denial-of-service attacks.” All Georgian websites have been completely blocked and the government is currently trying to complete redirection of all their sites.

Naturally, the Russian government has declared no such guilt and even claimed there are no military attacks going on in southern Georgia, yet instead claimed it was more of a “peace enforcement.”

In the world of ever-growing cyber attacks and increased threats to the internet, analysts state they’re not surprised countries have taken this route in warfare. Most people think it’s a young college student who performs these attacks against point-of-sale systems, retailers, banks and even countries. A few even said most would be surprised that countries engage in this warfare all the time.


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