Safari 4: Fastest Internet Browser for Windows?

February 27, 2009 by
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Apple released their beta version of Safari 4 this week and to many, this is the fastest internet browser to date. Safari 4 beta is available for a free download for Windows users here.

Apple claims their new Safari is over 30 times faster than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 and three times faster than Firefox 3 because they’ve installed a javascript engine called Nitro. This allows Safari’s javascripting to go extremely faster than previous versions.

As I cover in the Moxie Mo Show podcast, you can tell an immediate difference with Safari 4 because Apple has incorporated their ever so popular Cover Flow into the workings of the browser. Top Sites (a new feature that shows as the home page), History View and even Bookmarks all use Cover Flow technology to give you a beautiful experience. They’ve also incorporated a search function in the history screen that will give users a full search engine to better find what they’re looking for.

Lifehacker performed a test with their “experts” to see if Apple’s claim of speed is really theirs and as you will see, they believe Google’s Chrome is actually still faster.


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