Should Your Next Laptop Be a Dell?

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Dell Latitude LaptopMany of us use laptops for computing tasks. Mobile computing is quite easy these days, with internet access available at many public places. Whether it is for work or for pleasure, traveling with your laptop makes things a whole lot easier: accessing e-mail for work, uploading vacation pictures for friends, or just watching a movie to pass the time at the airport.

So if mobile computing is so easy, what is the main problem with it? You guessed it, the power. If you are lucky, you can find a power socket and charge your battery, but more often than not, your laptop’s battery life determines how long you can enjoy the mentioned benefits.

Maybe this can all be part of the past if we buy the new Dell Latitude models. Acknowledging laptop battery life problems, Dell has come up with new Latitude models that push battery life to the limit. The E6400 model reportedly has a battery life of up to 19 hours!

The new models use Dell’s ControlPoint, which includes the control of power management to optimize battery life. Also new is a ControlVault that helps in protecting the user’s credentials and security keys. ControlVault has its own processor and storage to maximize security.

Taking it a step further, Dell also announced a feature called Dell Latitude ON, which is going to be available in the coming months. This feature will allow the user to access office functions (e-mail, calendar, etc) and the internet, without booting the main operating system. Again a dedicated low-voltage processor and proprietary operating system will be used for this functionality. Using the Latitude ON functionality, battery life can be expected to be even longer.

Of course a lot of all this depends on how you use your laptop. But if you are serious about maximum battery life, it seems the new Dell Latitude models should be seriously considered. The mainstream models are around $1,100, which is quite acceptable for these new models.

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