Going to Starbucks? Well, Wi-Fi is on the house y’ all!

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Starbucks Cash RewardsBeginning today, getting your daily dose of cuppa at Starbucks can also mean two free hours of high-speed internet access. The offering is made possible via a deal between the coffee shop chain and AT&T.

Is there a catch? Well…

Firstly, the free Wi-Fi is only available to clients who have a registered Starbucks Card Rewards card and has used this to load funds or make a purchase in the last 30 days. Further, availing of the free AT&T-provided Internet access means agreeing to four (4) AT&T emails annually (so you get bombarded with all those great AT&T ads!).

(By the way, those who are already AT&T DSL customers automatically qualify for this offer. Just go to your friendly, neighborhood Starbucks.)

Secondly, what you can do while online is sort of limited. You can only access your email, surf or download files via FTP. You cannot chat, watch videos, or play music. Yeah, bummer!

Lastly, you cannot ‘chair hop’. Connection is only allowed once per day per customer so when you login, you better stay put for two consecutive hours!

So what if you desperately need to be online longer? Starbucks offers these concessions:

(1) you can buy another 2 hours of access for $3.99; or

(2) sign up for a monthly membership, which costs $19.99.

See you at Starbucks!

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Image via Starbucks


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