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Want real-time internet search results? Scoopler will bring it to you. Well, near real-time of course, since search results will still need to be collected and shown to the search user. But Scoopler definitely has more recent results than other search engines do since the latter uses traditional crawlers to index webpages. Depending on the crawl frequency and site size, it can take minutes, hours or even days before some content shows up in a lot of search engines.

Scoopler, however, is getting most of its search results from social media sites like Twitter, Flick, Digg and Delicious, which means the search returns very actual results. And they update all the time. If you type a search term and leave the search window open, you will actually see new search results being added real-time!

Scoopler real-time search

Of course there are drawbacks since the search results in Scoopler originate from the mentioned sources (including others). But if you are mainly looking for news and actual topics, the results are definitely useful. A nice extra is the Peek option, which allows you to preview the webpage (or video) for the search result without actually opening the result page in a new browser window (or tab).

How far the use and popularity of Scoopler will go is hard to tell since Twitter is also planning their own, improved search, which of course give the same real-time results. But if you are an intensive Twitter user, you should certainly check Scoopler out.

Some other search engines with real-time results: Yauba, OneRiot, BlastCasta, SamePoint.

So which one is your favorite?


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