TiVo Debuts For PC

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Thanks to a company called Nero AG, TiVo will now be available to PC users. The product, LiquidTV|TiVo PC, brings TiVo capability to the PC without the set-top box.

According to PC Magazine, Nero AG launches LiquidTV|TiVo PC today. The article reports, “the bundle comes in two flavors: a $199.99 retail package that includes both a TiVo PC remote with transceiver, plus a TV tuner card. Both that and a $99.99 software-only downloadable version come with 12 months of TiVo service – already a savings versus the annual $129 TiVo service plan, and you don’t have to buy the set-top box, which starts at $149.99.”

This product allows the same functionality as TiVo users with the set-top box on top of their TVs. The software supports HD recording and viewing as well. Finally, one of the best functions of this new product, a user may use their new LiquidTV|TiVo PC to record their favorite show and then transfer the show to their favorite iPods, iPhones or Sony PSPs. 

You must have a dual core PC in order for this product to work. Happy TiVo’ing!


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