Windows 7 Details – Faster Boots, 15% Better Battery Life

Now that Windows 7 has officially gone into pre-beta, Engadget wrote an informative and interesting article on the pros of Windows 7. Even Microsoft has joined in on the bashing of Windows Vista it seems.

According to Engadget, “Microsoft is promising faster shutdown and startup times and less power consumption than its beleaguered predecessor despite the two sharing the same code base. In addition to an overall reduction in the number of services launched at startup, faster booting is achieved by loading device drivers in parallel instead of sequentially. Windows 7 also manages wireless radios better allowing them to drop below 100% power draw while managing the connection.”

Also, by tweaking the OS kernel, the battery has a mimimum of 11% better life. Some other pre-beta information that has come out recently is Windows 7 will have a “multitouch into the same OS that apparently runs fine on a 1GHz netbook with 1GB of RAM,” according to Engadget.

If you’d like to see a list of the new features that Windows 7 will have in its pre-beta, take a look at Engadget’s Windows 7 Details Galore page.

Also, check out videos of Microsoft talking about the pre-beta release with Windows 7.



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