Windows 7: 5 Versions FAQ

Microsoft has made a lot of recent announcements concerning Windows 7 and PC Authorities has it all covered. Did you know Windows 7 will have five different versions when it comes out later this year? So why is Microsoft selling five versions? “When you have a customer base of more than one billion, two options can’t satisfy all of their varied needs,” Microsoft explained. “For that reason we will continue to offer a few targeted SKUs for customers with specialized needs.”

The five Windows 7 versions are reported to be:

(1) Windows 7 Starter – described as “worldwide entry-level SKU.” For small notebook PCs and netbooks. Starter will only run three applications at a time.

(2) Windows 7 Home Premium – the premium package for most consumers who run Windows. Home Premium will have more features than Starter and will more than likely need more processing power than the average netbook can run. This will be the version most Windows 7 consumers purchase.

(3) Windows 7 Professional – for enterprise only; Windows 7 Professional will have features for businesses that Home does not. For example, capabilities of joining a managed network, backing up data over the network and encrypting data. Location-aware printing will be embedded in Windows 7 Professional as well.

(4) Windows 7 Enterprise – a step up from Windows 7 Professional. It’s only available through volume licensing. “Business users will have the option of using BitLocker data encryption on internal and external drives, locking apps with AppLocker, improved remote access without the need for a VPN with DirectAccess, and a decrease in the time to open a shared file with a service called BrandCache,” reports PC Magazine.

(5) Windows 7 Ultimate – this will not be sold to main consumers; it’s available as an upgrade and offered as an add-on only. “Ultimate combines all of the features of Windows 7 Home Premium plus provides access to all of the Enterprise features including BitLocker, BitLocker To Go, App Locker, BranchCache, DirectAccess, etc” states PC Magazine.

These are the five versions that will be sold to the US market. As always, we will keep you posted on any new announcements or developments to Windows 7.


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