Windows 7: More Changes

Microsoft has announced more changes to Windows 7 that include cosmetic and performance related changes. The OS is slated to be released towards end of 2009.

According to Information Week, “the changes include a close button that’s been added to icons that appear on the task bar’s list view, allowing users to view and close windows in fewer steps. Another fix is designed to eliminate a problem in which task bar settings aren’t saved if Windows isn’t shut down problem. The glitch could result in a number of errors, including the task bar shifting locations on the desktop when a session is restarted. ”

Windows 7 allows for touchscreen capabilities and another new change extends this technology to the Windows Explorer file manager.

The performance changes include third parties’ ability to easily customize the information presented to users whenever they connect their devices to Windows 7.

Twenty-seven updates have been noted in this latest release and can be viewed on Microsoft’s blog.


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