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Microsoft Windows 7Now that we know Windows XP has officially passed, it’s time to look at Microsoft’s next OS venture in Windows 7. Microsoft recently went on a 24 hour marketing blitz to discuss Windows 7 and what changes Microsoft will bring to the table in regards to a successful OS. But what do you know about Windows 7?

According to Computer World, Windows 7 should be released in 2010. “We’re happy to report that we’re still on track to ship approximately three years after the general availability of Windows Vista,” stated Chris Flores, Microsoft’s Windows Client Communications Director. However, some sources are claiming that other Microsoft executives are commenting that Windows 7 could be released as early as late 2009.

Many industry sources are claiming that Windows 7 should look similar to Windows Vista, but without the major flaws that Vista currently battles. Flores recently commented, “Windows Vista established a very solid foundation, particularly on subsystems such as graphics, audio, and storage. Windows Server 2008 was built on that foundation and Windows 7 will be as well.” But what will Windows 7 hold that Vista doesn’t? Sources say that it’s not clear as of yet.

What we do know is Windows 7 will hold a touch-screen feature like Microsoft’s Surface. The multi-touch tool is to compete with Apple’s Macbook Air and iPhone technologies. According to Paul Thurrott, Windows 7 will also have a completely re-vamped Windows Explorer added to the new OS. He also states that Windows 7 will focus on making it easier to find and use information by incorporating local, network and internet search functionalities.

It’s still too early to fully describe what Microsoft has in store for their new operating system but it’s safe to say they’re doing everything possible to make it more successful than its predecessor, Windows Vista.


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    Windows 7 kills Vista….

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