Windows Live Now Social Network

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According to ComputerWorld, Microsoft unveiled a whole bunch of new services this week that will transform its Windows Live into a social network. Some of the changes include photo sharing, instant messaging and email.

The biggest piece of this news is how Microsoft integrated other very successful social networks into Windows Live. LinkedIn, Twitter and WordPress have all been integrated into Windows Live. Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington commented that Windows Live “[went from a] simple search engine with a few other services bolted on to a social network that pulls in activity information and content from across the Web.”

“A lot of what they’ve done is exactly what Yahoo has been talking about for over a year now — leveraging social connections that already exist,” he added. “Yahoo is using e-mail; Microsoft is using Messenger and doing a lot more with it. Users are automatically connected with any friends they have on Windows Live Messenger, which is by far the most popular instant messaging service worldwide.”


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