Windows Vista SP 2 Near Ready

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Microsoft has reportedly announced an almost-public release of Vista SP 2 says several members in the testing community. Many testers say that the public release of SP2 will be shortly on its way.

According to PC World, “Microsoft released the beta version of SP2 to its testing community in late October, and made SP2 beta publicly available in early December. Then the update seemed to suffer some setbacks when, in late January, reports surfaced that Microsoft wouldn’t be coming out with a release candidate of SP2 until at least March. Now Microsoft’s significantly larger testing pool reportedly has the near-final version of SP2.”

Microsoft’s Vista SP2 has some new features to expect including Windows Search 4.0, ability to record onto Blu-Ray media, an easier WiFi tool, support for newer 64-bit CPUs, better streaming capabilities and several other new features.


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