Windows XP Extended to 2014

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Windows XP extendedThe public has been heard. As you know, PC Authorities reported a week ago that Microsoft was going to “kill” Windows XP on June 30th, 2008. Microsoft just announced that they’ve listened to the public and will extend support for Windows XP until 2014.

According to, there’s a caveat. “The company has decided to offer technical support for Windows XP with updates and security patches for an extended period until April 2014. However, it will not go back on its decision to discontinue Windows XP sales after June 30.”

If you recall in our previous post, consumers can still purchase Windows XP after June 30th due to extended agreements with Microsoft and big inventories of PCs loaded with XP. There’s also a downgrade loophole where a consumer can purchase a PC with Vista, downgrade to XP and still be able to run an official XP machine.

The breaking news from Microsoft has consumers rejoicing as this shows companies do hear the outcries of the public.


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  1. John Sanabria says:

    am really happy they extended to 2014 cause xp is a really good os and on top of that alot of people still got xp it’s to short to died it since xp came out and xp is also good cause there alot softwares out there that vista and w7 can’t run yet and only xp can run it

  2. Steven G. says:

    I think it is good that xp is still supported with updates, and patches. I believe XP is simple. It seems the higher up you go.. vista, then 7, and now 8, the more complicated windows becomes. People like who just read the news, play card games, and do simple things do not have to waste their money on upgraded version. Also if you like simple things there are other operating systems much improved waiting to jump in once xp stops.. for instance linux mint works great, as does ubuntu.. operating systems are becoming a dime a dozen.. so why stop something that works? KISS= Keep It Simple Stupid. That’s engineering talk for you.

  3. Anthony says:

    @Steven G. – A lot of people are indeed still using XP, hence the decision from Microsoft about the support extension I guess. And you are right, why not? If it works for you, why upgrade? Vista took a long time to become stable, and both Windows 7, and Windows 8 in the near future, will require people to upgrade their hardware or replace their PC.
    In many cases the application software is much more important than the actual operating system, so as long as new, useful and interesting applications are supported on XP, that Windows version will remain useful.

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