World’s Biggest Cyber Heist

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The world is waking up this morning to hear of one of the largest cyber heists to have ever occurred.

According to the Sunday Herald, an investigation (by the newspaper) revealed that on Thursday of this past week, “a previously unknown Indian hacker successfully breached the IT defences of the Best Western Hotel group’s online booking system and sold details of how to access it through an underground network operated by the Russian mafia. It is a move that has been dubbed the greatest cyber-heist in world history. The attack scooped up the personal details of every single customer that has booked into one of Best Western’s 1312 continental hotels since 2007.”

According to the newspaper, the information stolen contains addresses, names, credit card numbers and places of employment. The scare here is not just identify theft but even burglary crimes since addresses are associated with names.

DailyTech reports, “the unknown Indian hacker acquired login credentials to Best Western’s system after he installed a Trojan horse on one of its reservation computers — “The next time a member of staff logged in, her username and password were collected and stored,” reads the report.”

Although this story has just broke today, Best Western reports to have closed the hole on the hackers on Friday after being tipped off by the Sunday Herald.


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  1. Jeff: Best Western now says only a handful of records were compromised, not millions. Data security investigations are complex, and they require patience. As we learned from the TJX experience, it is easy for the press and for authorities to over-react. –Ben

  2. Benjamin,

    Thanks for the update as I’ve still not been able to see that it wasn’t what everyone is still reporting?

    In regards to the Daily News for this website, I tend to not write about rumors or hype. This was one of the #1 articles on and a few other news aggregators (determined by # of stories written).

    I appreciate your comment and we shall see what all this really was!

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  4. Wow that is freaken awsome how somebody could be smart enough to pull that off

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