Yahoo Opens Yahoo Music to iTunes

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Yesterday, PC Magazine reported that Yahoo plans to open its online music site to iTunes and This annoucement is part of a bigger scheme for Yahoo to open its network to various new sites and attract millions of new web users. Yahoo announced this during a briefing to reports yesterday afternoon.

According to PC Magazine, “at the meeting, Yahoo executives discussed the range of ways that the company is seeking to open up the world’s largest Internet destination to feature content from across the Web instead of just information located on Yahoo’s own sites. Beyond music, the company is working to allow partners to deliver content on the main page of Yahoo News, the company’s second most-visited Web page after its home page.”

Several weeks ago, Yahoo announced they were opening up their email system which has reportedly counted for more than 275 million users and is the world’s largest email service.

Analysts believe Yahoo has begun opening their services to outside companies to keep the company afloat during the year that has proved to be very difficult for Yahoo.


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