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Recover Your Messenger Passwords

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There are quite a few instant messenger programs available today. Probably the most  popular are Yahoo, MSN and AIM, but GoogleTalk, ICQ and Skype are also used a lot. One thing all these programs have in common is that you need a user account with a password to use them. In itself a good thing, because you don’t want other to use your user account!

But there are so many computer related passwords that users have to remember, that it can happen you forgot one. If you are lucky, you have installed a password manager which can make things easy. Or maybe you have a file or notepad to keep track of all your passwords.

If this is not the case, and you can’t remember a messenger password, there is a way to recover them. A program called Messenpass by Nirsoft can decrypt and show you the passwords for all messengers found on the system for the current user. Note: current user, not for other users!

Messenpass can be downloaded from the Nirsoft website. Be aware that the program is recognized as a threat by most antivirus programs, so to download it you must overrule any warnings by antivirus software. You can download the program as a ZIP file or as an installer (which gives you an uninstall option).

Once installed, the mspass.exe program is executed to recover the passwords. Usage is very simple, run the program and it will show you the messenger installations it found and the passwords for the current user. I have not included a screenshot for obvious reasons ;)

There you go, if you need to recover messenger passwords, there is a solution. No more frustration or stress, simply run the program and you’re done.


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