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Retrieve Outlook Passwords

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Passwords help you protect your privacy and personal information. When you use a computer these days, it is almost impossible to remember all passwords, you need one for almost all online services, but also for your local Windows account, email access and internet access.

Quite a few people use password managers to maintain their passwords for them, but many program have their own password management. Internet Explorer, FireFox and all email programs maintain their own list of user and password combinations.

Quite handy of course, until you need to reinstall your operating system or maybe copy everything to another computer. A password export is not available in all cases, and who can recall all passwords by heart?

So there are tools to retrieve the passwords for you. For email password retrieval, you can use a program called Mail Passview, which can be downloaded from
This program is very simple and straightforward, you download it and either install it or simply run it from the zip file directly (mailpv.exe).
It shows you all account and password details for the installed email programs, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Hotmail/MSN, Eudora, IncrediMail, and some more. Mail PassView allows you copy the selected items, or save to to a file (in text, html, csv, and some more formats).

From the same website, you can also download password recovery programs for the common messenger programs, and network and dial-up passwords.


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