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How to Make Your PC Run Faster

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Here’s a neat little trick using MSConfig and Properties to make your PC perform faster. Try it out!



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  1. Abraham says:

    Hi Kyle,
    I have one Samsung PC with window XP program it has got some problems ie when I use it sometimes it takes me long hours to open my e-mails and to read articles as well. I use Vista Scanner but still the speed is too slow.
    *Web cam problem while I’m chatting with friends on Yahoo MSN My web cam my images and my friends images go to minimize it self automatically , then i always forced to maximize the images that hide in the margin (ie the web cam/image is not not fixed during conversation) I wonder if you could share me your rich Experience!


  2. Kyle says:

    @Abraham – If you really have such a variety of problems and irregular performance problems, it is actually best to do a fresh install of Windows XP.
    If you can not do that, the quickest solution would be to:
    – uninstall any applications that you do not use (anymore)
    – clean up the disk (temp files, obsolete installation files, internet temp files, etc).
    – run a disk defrag
    – run a registry cleaner

    That should help speed up a bit and solve some of your problems. There are various tools for each of these tasks, several are mentioned on this site.
    Best of luck!


  3. Abraham says:

    Hi Kyle,
    Thank you for priceless Advice I will try all what you have told me.

  4. Avadesh says:

    Hi Mr. Kyle,
    I can not say how can express my feelings.

  5. danial says:

    you can run msconfig and disable all or some start up

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