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How to Optimize PC Performance

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No matter how fast your computer is when you bought it, time will come when it will slow down and you become dissatisfied with its performance. But fear not for there are ways to improve PC performance.

There are three common aspects of PC performance that users usually have quirks about: boot up process, shutdown speed, and running of applications. These three aspects when improved would sum up to become the answer to the question of how to improve PC performance.

Improve PC Performance – Boot Up Process

To improve PC performance in terms of the boot up process can be easily done with the use of a utility bundled together with Microsoft Windows. This utility is called msconfig. It lets the user choose what applications are allowed to run during boot up. To better understand how this utility works, a little background knowledge on the boot up process is necessary.

Every time your computer boots up, different programs are executed. These programs are the reason why the boot up process takes a lot of time to finish. Windows has a start up list that contains which applications are run during boot up. With the use of msconfig, you can pick whether certain applications are allowed to be executed or not.

A piece of advice when choosing which applications to enable or disable, always leave your security software to run during boot up and disable everything else.

Improve PC Performance – Shutdown Speed

To improve PC performance in terms of shutdown speed, it again requires you to tinker with some settings of Windows. A feature called page filing is inherent with the Windows operating system. By default, the page file is always cleared during shutdown, which causes shutdown to take a long time. Disabling or enabling the “clearing of page file” feature makes the difference between having a speedy shutdown and a slow shutdown speed.

Disabling this feature needs a little modification in the Windows registry. It would be better to use software to do this because a little mistake done on the registry can cause your PC to crash.

Improve PC Performance – Running Of Applications

To improve PC performance in terms of running applications, Windows has a utility called Disk Defragmenter that can optimize your hard disk to run applications faster and better. You can access this application by clicking the Start button and going to accessories. Under Accessories, go to System Tools and there you will find Disk Defragmenter.

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