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How to Optimize your PC

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Optimize Your Computer in Four Easy Ways!

There are ways to optimize computer systems so they’re always performing at their best. Is your PC running at a snail’s pace? Are slow startups and shutdowns a normal part of using your computer? What about system freezes and crashes? Not to worry – there are a few tricks that can help with achieving a faster PC and boosting computer speed.

Optimizing Your Computer the Simple Way…

Computers like people, “grow” old. A normal part of this “aging” process is the eventual slowdown of various operations. As with people, the solution often involves parts replacements. But there are other ways to deal with PCs that conk out. Some of them don’t have to involve expensive replacement parts. Yes, it is possible to optimize computer systems without emptying your pocket.
Find out how you can improve computer speed by doing the following:

  • Deleting temporary Internet files regularly can help optimize computer performance. The web browser Internet Explorer saves the content from website pages that a surfer visits in the folder marked Temporary Internet Files. These files can build up and accumulate, taking up precious space on a computer’s hard drive. They have even been known on occasion to cause odd problems in the browser.
Delete temporary Internet files this way: Open the Internet Explorer. Click the Tools menu and choose Internet Options. On the tab labeled General and under Temporary Internet files, hit the Delete Files button.
  • Keeping the number of programs that automatically start up at a minimum can lead to a faster PC. To view the list of automatic startup programs, click on Start and choose Programs – Startup. In order to stop programs from automatically launching, right-click on the specific programs and choose Delete.
Relax, this won’t uninstall the programs. You can also search for programs that start up automatically in the computer’s registry. But tinkering with the registry should be left to advanced PC users. Improper registry entry editing or removal can cause serious trouble with the system, requiring users to install software that include the operating system. For more info on this, see regedit help.
  • Limiting the disk space utilized for temporary Internet files helps jumpstart computer speed. How fast you’re able to view visited site pages on Internet Explorer is greatly dependent on how big a storage space you reserve for temp Internet files. For instance, you can view pages quicker if you up the storage space mount. However, in doing so, you decrease the storage space available for other files, affecting computer speed negatively.
To adjust the disk space amount Internet Explorer uses for keeping temp Net files, do these: Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools menu. From there, choose Internet Options and on the General tab, under the tab for Temporary Internet files, hit the Settings button. In the field Amount of disk space to use, enter a number between 100 and 500.
  • Tossing out programs you no longer use, want or need will yield faster PC systems. If you’d like to remove programs you’ve paid for to license, make sure you’ve got the installation disks handy, in case you want to reinstall them in the future. Some of the program software might have been installed on the PC when you bought it. Check that you’ll be able to reinstall them individually if you ever have to.
You can remove unnecessary programs this way: Click on Start and choose Control Panel. Click Add/Remove Programs.

All these in their own way can help optimize computer systems. An optimized PC is a faster PC. The beauty of the tweaks mentioned here is that they don’t cost a thing to do. Try them out and see how they can make better computer speed a reality for you.

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