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How to Speed Up a Slow PC

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“How to speed up a slow PC?” You may have asked this question a million times every time you struggle with the performance of your PC. Before you go out and buy a new computer, you might want to consider some techniques on how to speed up a slow pc and save money.

How to Speed Up a Slow PC – Use Helpful Software

Most of the problems that cause a computer to slow down can usually be solved by software. Some of these are free and are right under your nose without you noticing them.

One of these free utilities is the Disk Defragmenter of Windows. It is a built-in Windows application with functionalities mainly focusing on how to speed up a slow pc through defragmenting fragmented files and disk space. This utility can be accessed through the start button, and is under the accessories, system tools category.

Another very helpful tool that tackles on how to speed up a slow pc is the Disk Cleanup utility. This application cleans your computer of all the temporary content it has kept ever since. This method is a very effective way to speed up a slow pc. And just like Disk Defragmenter, it is free because it comes with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

But these two utilities, Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup, can only do so much in improving your pc. There will come a time that you may need the intervention of 3rd party software to help you with your quest on how to speed up a slow pc. Most often, these 3rd party software come at a price. Well, price tags are way much cheaper compared to buying a new computer.

How to Speed Up A Slow PC – Extreme Makeover

There are some people that even with the use of several software, are still dissatisfied with the performance of their computers. There is one more option though on how to speed up a slow pc – reformatting.

Reformatting is a term that means to delete EVERYTHING in your hard disk and start from scratch. Now if you want to use this method, it is strongly advised to make a backup of everything you have especially your important documents. Before doing the reformat, you should also prepare all your CDs for your operating system, drivers for your hardware and installers of your other applications. This method is actually quite simple to do but would require a lot of time to complete.

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