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How to Speed Up a Virtual PC

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There are a number of proven ways on how to speed up Virtual PC.
Virtual PC is a suite which allows your computer to run on several
operating systems. The emulation platform allows Macintosh and Windows
to run simultaneously as preferred by the user on the same PC. It still
functions primarily as a framework of all integrated operating systems
on the slow computer and overall the system functions primarily in the
same way. You will still get boot ups, log on to your desktop and the
like. There are efficient ways to boost your Virtual PC speed.

How to Speed Up a Virtual PC through Settings

Locate the Virtual Memory tab on My Computer then Properties then
Performance. Select the option that allows you to configure your
Virtual Memory on your own. On the Hard Disk option, select your
fastest hard drive since your computer automatically allocates data
from your full RAM onto your drive. Choosing the best hard drive in the
settings will result to faster accessing of files. On the RAM option,
instead of inputting the regular capacity of your RAM, it is still
possible to increase the number twice as much. This will result to
improved memory capacity.

How to Speed Up a Virtual PC through Exclusion

Some programs automatically scan Virtual PC every time you turn your
computer on. You can exclude them from regular monitoring on your
antivirus software and other startup applications. Uncheck Virtual PC
on the respective tabs to skip having to scan them every time your
restart or boot up your computer. This will not compromise anything on
the system and the only result you will notice is improved PC speed.

How to Speed Up a Virtual PC through Disk Defragmenter

Using a disk defragmenter will help organize files which a slow PC has
a lot of hard time locating. It improves the read and write process of
your hard disk and your virtual memory as well will easily allocate
resources depending on priority. You can also run Scan Disk to check
for any bad sectors that may be hampering PC speed.

How to Speed Up a Virtual PC through Third-Party Software

There are a number of reliable software which effectively adjusts your
Virtual PC’s settings automatically for optimum performance. The
software configures all data, hardware and software accordingly to
their best functioning conditions. It also avoids the risk of damaging
your computer, which manual procedures encounter at times.


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