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Programs to Speed Up My PC

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I have had my computer for almost three years now. My PC was doing fine until lately, after being able to try out my friend’s brand new computer, I felt dissatisfied with my own machine. Unable to buy a new PC, I sought out ways and programs to speed up my pc.

Programs to Speed Up My PC: Check Disk

If you are familiar with the utility scan disk, then you already know what check disk is for. It is a built-in utility in Windows that checks your hard disk for any errors and if it finds any, a fix is automatically applied. Check disk is a very helpful utility in speeding up my computer.

Programs to Speed Up My PC: Disk Defragmenter

Applications run faster if they are arranged in an orderly fashion. A utility that can do this is Disk Defragmenter. It is a free software that is installed together with your Windows operating system. Expert say that Disk Defragmenter should be used once a week or every time you install or uninstall any applications.

Programs to Speed Up My PC: Disk Cleanup

My search for programs to speed up my pc led to find another free utility that is called Disk Cleanup. Just like Disk Defragmenter, it is a utility software installed with the Windows operating system. It acts as a “janitor” or “maintenance crew” that will clean up all the temporary files in your computer.

Programs to Speed Up My PC: Registry Tweaks

The Windows registry is a critical part of the Windows operating system. On my quest to find programs to speed up my pc, I discovered that there are several tweaks I can do to change the settings on the Windows registry. But I was strongly warned that I’m better off not tweaking with the Windows registry because one mistake can be fatal. Being not so good with computers, I sought for other ways to tweak the Windows registry safely. The answer will lead us right to the next topic, 3rd part software.

Programs to Speed Up My PC: 3rd Party Software

I found several programs to speed up my pc. Most of these software use tweaks on the Windows registry safely to speed up computers. I wanted to save some money so I downloaded all the free software I can get my hands on.

To my disappointment, half of all the programs I downloaded were either adware or spyware. The other half had little to no effect at all. So I sought programs that had a price tag – still cheaper than getting a new PC, mind you. Luckily, the program I chose was very effective and has noticeably boosted my pc’s speed!

Here’s a tip for you: don’t go for the most hyped product or the one that offers 101 features and benefits. You want to speed up your PC so choose a product that’s focuses on that!
Two of the best programs to speed up a PC for little money are:
SpeedUpMyPC by Uniblue, and BoostSpeed by AusLogics.


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