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People with Windows based computers sooner or later start wishing that their computer was as fast as when they bought it. With use Windows tends to get a bit slower every day.

Most of this is the result of installing and uninstalling software, which leads to hard disk fragmentation and the registry growing. Fact is that not all software has a clean uninstall, so remnants will remain both on disk and in the Windows registry. In addition, more and more software try to install startup components, which will slow up the PC startup time.

Running a disk cleanup on a regular basis will help, and if you also schedule a disk defrag, you will already benefit from better PC speed. Taking it a step further to reduce the number of startup programs, and cleaning the Windows registry, will also optimize PC performance.

FreePCCleaner is a software program that can be used on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 based computers to optimize the performance by cleaning and defragmenting the registry. There is also a feature to manage the startup programs.


Using the program is very simple. After installation, you click the scan button and wait for the registry to be analyzed. Depending on the size of the registry and the computer speed, the scan can take a minute. But once the result is available, the software automatically creates a backup of the registry, and you can repair the errors found, which includes all cleanup.


The Manage Startup feature allows you to see which programs all run at startup, which is more than only those in the All Progams -> Startup folder. A simple checkbox enables you to disable any program that you do not want to start automatically.

Another useful feature is found in the Settings, and is a scheduler, that enables you to automatically run the program at predefined intervals. This way you don’t forget to manually run FreePCCleaner.



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