Optimize your laptop’s battery performance

We all know that using battery powered equipment has the disadvantage of the device running out of power. In the case of laptops running Windows, you can use the power management options to optimize the use of the battery by allowing the hard disk to be powered down and running the CPU at lower speeds.

But of course there are more options to maximize the use of your laptop’s battery. The more programs are running, the more the CPU is active. So disabling Windows features and services can further help to optimize the use of the battery.

A useful program for this is called BatteryCare, which is free and can be downloaded from the BatteryCare.net website. It goes much further than the Windows power management options. You can see in the options that there are quite a few additional features to save energy.

Settings to maximize battery life

Most will cause no problems, but the option to disable the Windows services is something that needs to be tested, as it could conflict with specific software that you might be using.

If you use the option to let BatteryCare control the power plans defined in Windows, you can disable the Windows battery icon in the notification area. Everything is accessible from the BatteryCare icon in that case anyway.

BatteryCare also keeps track of the recharging cycles and will recommend a calibration after a defined number of cycles. This will help the battery indicator to be as accurate as possible, preventing you to be surprised by a low battery situation. Of course there are warning and notifications that can be configured, but if the basis for those notifications is incorrect information, the notifications come too late.

For more information on battery optimization make sure to also look at our previous article on maximizing battery life.


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