Repair Windows XP System Files

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If you experience problems with Windows XP, the cause can often be related to system files. With a fresh installation of Windows XP, these files are installed and are of the correct version. Unfortunately not all programs deal with the Windows installation correctly, so if are experiencing Windows XP errors after installing and using programs that have not been programmed properly, chances are that your system files are corrupted.

Corrupted system files can lead to many different problems, depending on the applications executed at that point in time. Some programs will not work while programs show undefined or erratic behavior. Worst case scenario, your PC crashes regularly.

To fix Windows XP problems that are related to system files, the best solution is to run a system scan for corrupt Windows installation files. Follow the steps below to execute a scan of your Windows XP system files:

  1. Press and hold the Windows key and then press the R-key.
  2. In the Run dialog box, type sfc /scannow and click OK.
  3. A Windows File Protect dialog box will show up that shows the progress of the file system scan.
  4. Scan windows Xp system files

  5. If you are prompted for the original Windows XP installation disk, insert it and click Retry.
  6. Insert Windows XP CDROM

This process will repair the Windows system files (dll’s, drivers, services, etc.), so once the processing is complete, any problems related to Windows XP system files should be fixed. Use this simple process if you are experiencing Windows problems and do not know how to fix them.

If your Windows errors are still persisting after the repair process for system files, you will know the Windows errors are not related to system files.


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